Have you been practicing the “no contact” rule with your ex girlfriend?

If you HAVE been using “no contact”- which many guys do – you could be making a MISTAKE without even knowing it.

You see, while you’ll find most relationship repair advice advises you to use the “no contact” rule, what isn’t always mentioned is that there are situations where “no contact” SHOULDN’T be used.

This How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back advice (for MEN) explains when to have NO contact – and when to HAVE contact – with your ex girlfriend.

Be careful to use the “no contact” rule properly.

Sometimes contact IS necessary – but you must know WHEN to have contact.

Do it wrong and you’ll hurt your chances to get your ex girlfriend back.

And here’s something else…

Don’t fall into the trap and think that by having no contact – and doing nothing else – you’ll get your ex girlfriend back.

If you maintain no contact – and do nothing else – you almost guarantee you’ll not get back together with your ex girlfriend.

Click on the following link to find out How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back.

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