You might be looking for help writing a letter to your ex girlfriend because you’re trying to get her back.

Often, after a break up, you’ll feel the need to write a letter to your girlfriend instead of talking to her.

You want to pour your heart out. And it’s perfectly natural to want to do that. Because you love your girlfriend and you want to show how MUCH you love her.

You want to explain how you feel. Or perhaps you want to explain things that you find hard to talk about face to face.

Trouble is, writing this type of letter to your girlfriend in an attempt to get her back is a MISTAKE.

Why? because you’re trying to change her mind through logic – listing all the reasons why you should be together – when a break up is about emotions.

Not only that, but your letter very likely won’t address the underlying issues that caused the break up in the first place.

There is a DIFFERENT type of letter that you must write.

It’s called the First Move letter and it was created by the author of this Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Advice.

How is it different? It’s different because it doesn’t try and persuade your ex girlfriend to get back together.

Instead, it diffuses the situation caused by the break up and gives you both a chance to step back and sort out your emotions.

Get the word-for-word letter when you download this Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Advice.

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