What are the chances of getting ex girlfriend back if she is with another guy is a common question.

The key is not to give up hope just because your ex girlfriend is in another relationship.

You see, there is always the chance that your ex girlfriend is in a rebound relationship.

And rebound relationships have up to a 90% failure rate.

But a better question to ask yourself is what should you do to get your girlfriend back.

Instead of giving up trying to get her back now that she’s in another relationship or waiting for her to come back to you there are things you can do.

For example, do you have a How To Get My Girlfriend Back System that you’re following to increase your chances to get your girlfriend back?

Because if you have no system and no plan then you’re setting yourself up to lose her for good.

So don’t sit back and do nothing even if she is in another relationship.

And don’t think that just because she MIGHT be in a rebound relationship you should do nothing.

While she’s in another relationship there’s a LOT you can do to increase your chances so she comes back to YOU…instead of staying with the other guy.

For example:

The different types of “contact” with your ex girlfriend and which one is appropriate when she’s seeing someone else
What you MUST do if you want to increase your chances to get her back
How to deal with the “other guy” in your ex girlfriend’s life – this is critical information you need to have
How it can work in your FAVOR when your ex is dating another guy
Whether or not she misses you
How to handle the pain of the break up – and especially the pain of seeing your ex girlfriend with another guy

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